Stand In Your Truth…

Marsha Moment Message: I Just LOVE Encouraging People to Live Purpose Driven Lives – Being Just Who They Are. This is why, I am HONORED to be the PROJECT MANAGER and one of the COMMUNITY OUTREACH PARTNERS for the March 25-26, 2016 – SOLD OUT – Black Lesbian Conference being presented by BeyondBold AndBrave at the Barnard Center for Research on Women, Barnard College, NYC. I ENCOURAGE You to “STAND IN YOUR TRUTH” and SUPPORT Causes and Issues that Touch Your SPIRIT and are IMPORTANT to YOU. Trust Me, It Feels So Good to be PROUD of Just Who You Are (I’m just saying – smile). Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS

LOVING SHOUT OUT to the Co-Founders of BeyondBold AndBrave, alyce d. emory and Kim Ford – whose VISION and TENACITY have brought this HISTORIC conference to LIFE!

RESPECT and ADMIRATION to the Conference’s Steering Committee Members – Katherine Bailey, Kawana S. Bullock, Rhonda Otten, Wen Peguero, Stephanie Reid and Julie Worthey – for their relentless commitment to ensuring that this CONFERENCE will be an AMAZING EVENT!!

HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL of the Conference’s Sponsors and Community Outreach Partners.

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