Anthony Heath

Let’s Pray Together

Marsha Moment Message. Like many of You, I have been paying close attention to the weather reports over the last few weeks. We had Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma is coming through. Lives have already been loss, homes destroyed, families displaced and uncertainty and pain is permeating through the hearts of those directly impacted.

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The Truth Never Lies…Barack Obama Quotes Nelson Mandela

Marsha Moment Message: Former U.S President – Barack Hussein Obama – Quotes Nelson Mandela, the Late Former President of South Africa – to provide thoughtful INTROSPECTION on the recent Charlottesville, VA White Nationalist March on Saturday, August 13, 2017 and the tumultuous times we are facing in this country. Please Place These Words on YOUR

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Can You Feel It??

Marsha Moment Message: Let me ask again: Can You Feel It? I sure trust that YOU do (smile). Sure, there are days that can be quite challenging and we fall back on what’s not working or happening in our lives which I Strongly Believe is an overrated depressing attitude designed to negatively INFECT and AFFECT

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Is Love Greater Than Our Secrets?

[su_vimeo url=”″] CLICK THIS LINK AND RSVP FOR FREE TICKETS TO 90 DAYS FILM SCREENING AND PANEL DISCUSSION: Marsha Moment Message: YES, on Saturday, February 25 at 1pm, Yours Truly – Marsha R Bonner, Founder of the H.U.G.S. Movement Presents ’90 DAYS’ Film Screening and Panel on Healthy Relationships – Addressing Couples Living and

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So What Next…?

Marsha Moment Message: Like many of You, I watched the media newscasts of Barack Obama GRACIOUSLY leaving the White House with Michelle Obama. And, I also watched the outrage across our Country in protest to the Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, held in this Country and Around the

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Your Dream Is Still Alive, Sir…

[su_youtube url=””] Marsha Moment Message: Yes, no doubt about it, we are in the middle of some very trying times with Senseless Killings, Drug Infested Neighbors, Bigotry, Racial Bias, Political Discourse, Personal Loss of Family Members and Friends, and the list goes on and on. Well, in this “MOMENT’, I would like to ENCOURAGE YOU

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PRICELESS…. Marsha Moment Message. I just want to THANK YOU for Your Love, Support and HUGS on December 29, 2016 when I acknowledged 28 Years of Freedom from Active Drugs and Alcohol Abuse. The God of My Understanding has Given Me the COURAGE to Use My Voice to Share My Story to HELP OTHERS on

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Shhhh… Marsha Moment Message: I’ve been hearing some interesting comments during the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season. In this “Moment”, I would like to Encourage each of us to remember that WORDS HAVE POWER to HEAL or to HURT. Please choose and use your words WISELY or Opt to just Be QUIET. Once

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A Picture Is Worth…

A PICTURE IS WORTH… Marsha Moment Message: I had an Incredible Day Supporting and Partnering with “THE CHILDREN OF HARLEM” at their Family Holiday Brunch hosted at Cheri Restaurant with My Spiritual Sister Kheava Hines where I had the opportunity to meet this Beautiful Young Lady whose name is NICOLE. Yeah, the LITTLE LADY STOLE

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Where’s MarshaHUGS?

HEY, WHERE’S MARSHAHUGS?? Marsha Moment Message: I’m Right Here!! I’ve been working diligently on initiating and partnering with several individuals and non-profit organizations committed to advancing OUR Social Agenda. Simply: They MUST CARE FOR YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES LIKE I DO. So, program and project information soon come – I Ask That You Please

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Let’s Get Busy…

LET’S GET BUSY… Marsha Moment Message: Sure, No Doubt – We All Have “Something” Going On In Our Lives Which Attempts to Distract or Paralyze Our MOVEMENT FORWARD. However, it is My STRONG BELIEF, That No Matter What – No Matter Who; With Each Waking Day – The God I HONOR Reminds Me That I

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What Did He Say Again?

Wait, what did he say again?? Marsha Moment Message. Do We Laugh or Do We Cry? Either way…this is gonna be some kinda 2016 Presidential Election. My “humble” suggestion: JUST GET OUT AND VOTE!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS . #MRBInspires #marshahugs #marsharbonner#marshabonner #hugs #hugsmovement#hugsmovementcampaign #hillaryclinton #POTUS#obama #2016presidentialdebate#presidentialelection2016 — with Hillary Clinton

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The Simple Life…

Marsha Moment Message: YES, Life can be this SIMPLE; if we can all just find it in our HEARTS and MINDS to JUST LIVE IT. Sure, we all got stuff going on in our lives – both internally and externally – that systematically attempt to distract us from what’s really important as we go about

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Play Your Hand…

Marsha Moment Message: Too many times over the course of this Incredible Journey called LIFE, I truly felt like I had been given a “Bad Hand”; however, what I have come to understand – is the “HAND” that I’ve been dealt – was a WINING HAND FROM THE MOMENT I WAS BORN. It included GOD/HIGHER

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Marsha Moment Message: I just thought I would send this HUG to YOU. Why? Well, haven’t You been listening? I truly LOVE and APPRECIATE YOUR LIFE. Join Me – via virtual or in-person – and give a Loving HUG to Just One Somebody- I am confident you’ll get one back!! And, PLEASE don’t miss the

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Marsha Moment Message. Okay, we can all see that there is a lot of negativity infecting the Minds and Spirits of so many People across the World. I believe TOGETHER We can be part of the SOLUTION. Trust and Believe, PEACE does not have to be an afterthought or a dream: WE CAN MAKE IT

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Marsha Moment Message: As many of You may sense, I try my very best to refrain from political, religious, and racial tirades. I believe that We are BORN to LOVE Each Other; however, there is a cynicism and ignorance that gains root and grows in many Hearts, Minds and Spirits that produces Hate and a

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It Matters Little…

Marsha Moment Message: I’ve spent a good portion of My Life trying my best to eliminate the destructive desire to JUDGE People by What I See. It has been my experience as I’ve MATURED that assessing others in this way is Extremely Limiting to My Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Growth. What has worked is Allowing

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Marsha Moment Message. I TREASURE the Feeling of HAPPINESS – especially when it EMBRACES My Total Being. Like many of You – Life’s Challenges Sure Can Suck the Joy Right Out of You; but then comes that Glimmer of HOPE and LIGHT that YOU Just Kinda Hear and Feel – which says: YOU ALRIGHT, MARSHA

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Marsha Moment Message: Today I woke up with the principle of FAITH on My Spirit. Many of you have been with me for over 27 Years as a Recovering Person from Drugs and Alcohol Abuse; and many others of you have been with me since the What Would You Do? – “Interracial Couple Faces Criticism”

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Enjoy The Journey…

Marsha Moment Message: As I sit back and EMBRACE the LIFE that the God that I HONOR has DESIGNED Specifically For Me. I remain TRULY HUMBLED and GRATEFUL. I am COMMITTED to ENCOURAGING YOU to be THANKFUL for the JOURNEY – Lessons and Blessings – ensures that that this Journey called LIFE – remians Interesting

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Dear God…

Marsha Moment Message: Some Days, I have this Overwhelming Need, Passion, Desire to just simply say THANK YOU to the GOD that I HONOR. Trust and Believe, those TWO WORDS make up a POWERFUL – LIFE AFFIRMING PHRASE that can ENHANCE Good Feelings and ELIMINATE those Feelings not conducive to your SPIRITUAL GROWTH and WELL-BEING.

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Service to Others…

Marsha Moment Message: OK, YES – I Know – I SHARED My Morning Message Earlier Today, however, when I come across a quote like this – My Spirit says – SHARE – Marsha, PLEASE SHARE!! So, I want to Thank My Spiritual Brother, Jonathan Bodrick, for posting this Enlightening Phrase and for tagging me on

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Dear Self…

Marsha Moment Message: Like some of You, I have a tendency to FORGET just how important I should be TO ME. I don’t mean that in a selfish way – I mean it in a way that requires Me to take time to ENCOURAGE MYSELF. As I continue “HEALING” from decisions I’ve made that were

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Say What??

Marsha Moment Message: Throughout My Life, I have had people in my corner and people who were not (for whatever reason). To be honest – that fact still remains true today and it’s OK (smile) I ENCOURAGE You to be MINDFUL of WHO You Listen to and Allow into Your Spirit. I try my best

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What Is Life?

Marsha Moment Message: Today’s message is my “humble” attempt to REINFORCE what I believe LIFE’s FLOW is really all about. My Strong BELIEF is that many CHALLENGING EXPERIENCES we FACE ARE NOT BY “CHANCE” or “NOT MY FAULT” but OCCUR because of the CHOICES WE MAKE. Come On – Let’s be HONEST (smile) Now, along

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Letting Go…

Marsha Moment Message: I woke up this morning feeling Incredibly GOOD about My Life and looking forward to an AMAZING DAY. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere – PING!! And, My Heart Dropped and that “Other Voice” which takes a somewhat Sinister Pleasure in wanting me to Feel Bad – said: “Why did

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Grateful Heart…

Marsha Moment Message: Hey Family, I trust You are having a WONDERFUL DAY!! I wanted to take this time to THANK YOU for Your Well Wishes for a Speedy Recovery for the “Pinky Finger Surgery” i just had on Friday. Typing with ONE FINGER is a bit of a challenge but to be Honest –

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Good Heart…

Marsha Moment Message. Sometimes YOU just have to let YOUR INNER LIGHT SHINE. Trust and Believe, that is where the real BEAUTY of the God You HONOR – Through YOU – Touches the HEARTS and LIVES OF OTHERS. Go Ahead – SHINE!! Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS #mrbinspires

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Let’s Pray…

Marsha Moment Message: Like YOU, I woke up this morning to news reports of yet another terrorist attack. My HEART is saddened that lives continue to be loss in what I deem Senseless Murders. Yes, we are experiencing tumultuous times around the world and directly in our own communities. I ENCOURAGE You to PLEASE Continue

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Hold On…

Marsha Moment Message: Man, Oh, Man!! Sometimes You Just have to ‘DIG DEEP” and Trust and Believe – That EVERYTHING that “HAS” Gone On, “IS” Going and “WILL” Go On in Your LIFE…Is In DIVINE ORDER. I Encourage You to Just “HOLD ON”. I’m Totally Convinced that the GOD that I HONOR has Got Me

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Old Ways…

Marsha Moment Message: OK, YES – I am in the middle of getting my arms around “DOORS.” What the Heck is Marsha talking about?? Well, My Spiritual Advisor, for over 25 years, laces her conversations with me around the “DOORS” metaphor. And, I DIDN’T Get It – Today I DO!! Stick With Me for a

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Open Doors For Others…

Marsha Moment Message: I have OBSERVED and It has been My “Humble” EXPERIENCE that putting in the Effort to “OPEN DOORS FOR OTHERS” – PRESENTS WIDE OPEN DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY FOR ONESELF!! Trust and Believe – Small Acts of Kindness Are Spiritually Refreshing and the Rewards Are PRICELESS!! It’s KARMA, Baby, KARMA (smile). Come On

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Don’t Let Anyone…

Marsha Moment Message: It just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER. The SPIRITUAL FLOW Ain’t No Joke. So, RUSSELL SIMMONS aka @unclerush – REPOSTED MY INSTAGRAM POST – Yeah, This One!! I KEEP TELLING YOU – In Different Ways – LET’S CONTINUE TO SOAR!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS With Chiara Morrison Richard

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The Greatest Git…

Marsha Moment Message: If YOU Opened Your Eyes; RECOGNIZE and APPRECIATE – You’ve Been BLESSED with the Greatest Gift You Will Ever Receive – ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE!! I ENCOURAGE You to Take a Moment and Say — THANK YOU to the God that You HONOR!! Now Come On…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS

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Live In The Moment…

Marsha Moment Message: Well, if YOU really think that the MOMENT isn’t all that IMPORTANT; I would like to ENCOURAGE You to THINK AGAIN. Consider this…If You Don’t APPRECIATE the MOMENT – how can You possibly Appreciate the MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS and YEARS that “MIGHT” Be Ahead? Key Word – “MIGHT”; Are You LISTENING? I

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Life Is A Gift…

Marsha Moment Message: OK, Here We Go – INHALE….then EXHALE….then Thank the God that You Honor for the Most Precious Gift You Will Ever Receive – THE GIFT OF LIFE!! Don’t That Feel Good (smile) Come On…Let’s Roll!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS #mrbinspires #hugs #marshahugs #hugsmindset#marsharbonner #hugsmovementcampaign#thegiftoflife #precious #inhale #exhale

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Faith Tells Me…

Marsha Moment Message: I Strongly Encourage YOU to Stay On Your Path – Allow the Journey to Unfold – and Trust and Believe that the GOD that YOU HONOR HAS GOT YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!! Come On Now…Let’s Roll!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS #mrbinspires #hugs #marshahugs #hugsmindset#marsharbonner #hugsmovementcampaign #faith#trustandbelieve

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I’m Going To Make You So Proud – Note to Self

Marsha Moment Message. Some Days You Just Have to ENCOURAGE YOURSELF. I trust this will get you STARTED in Making this Practice a HABIT!! (smile) Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS #mrbinspires #marshahugs #marsharbonner #hugs #hugsmindset#hugsmovementcampaign #countyourblessings #encourageyourself#notetoself With Chiara Morrison Dwayne A Nash Barbara Weltfisch Denise JonesBrenda Nash Monifah Carter Terez Mychelle

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The Things You Take For Granted…

Marsha Moment Message: Let’s try and remember to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS!! Not much more to say (smile). COME ON LET’S ROLL. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS #mrbinspires #marshahugs #marsharbonner #hugs #hugsmindset#hugsmovementcampaign #countyourblessings #blessings With Chiara Morrison Dwayne A Nash Barbara Weltfisch Denise JonesBrenda Nash Monifah Carter Terez Mychelle Savoy Walker Mark A

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