They Don’t Even Know…

Marsha Moment Message: Over the years I have continually wondered – WHO EXACTLY IS THEY? I chuckle now as I ask this question and here is what I’ve come up with as my definition: “THEY” represents People, Places and Things that consistently attempt to NEGATIVELY Infect, Effect and Affect my Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-being”. How’s that?? Like many of YOU – challenges come from all directions and I am convinced that as long as I put in the EFFORT the GOD that I HONOR will take care of the RESULTS. This FREES Me to just Focus on being the Best Person that I can Be On Any Given Day and know that I am BLESSED just to be able to BREATHE Again. YES, I’m Feeling some kinda way and that way is – GOOD ABOUT MY LIFE!! So, in this MOMENT, I would like to Encourage You to ENCOURAGE YOURSELF and Remember that “THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW” – Where You’ve Been – Where You Are – and Where You Going. Trust and Believe – Your Path is Clear for TAKEOFF and VICTORY!! Come On Now…AS LONG AS YOU KNOW – YOU ARE WAY AHEAD OF THEM…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love. MarshaHUGS
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