What Will Your Legacy Be?

WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE?? (things that make you go Hmmmm?)

Marsha Moment Message. Well, I am going to use this “moment” to express how full I feel this morning as a direct result of being in the company of TWO LEGENDS – Ms Melba Moore and Ms. Dionne Warwick at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY with a host of Appreciative Fans who, like Me, truly Admire and Respect these Iconic Performing Artists. YES, they are Celebrities and have earned all of the accolades they receive; however, just like You and I they are caring individuals who have done there best to give us the best they have through their music which will transcend time. This My Friends is their LEGACY and My “humble” question to you is: What will you leave behind on the hearts and minds of others? What will your LEGACY be? Trust and Believe, we all can contribute to this world with the GIFTS we have been given to share. I ENCOURAGE YOU to tap into what you bring to the table and SHARE IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY!! Your PURPOSE in LIFE has already been defined without your permission – Go Ahead and Do What You Do!! Without a doubt – IT MATTERS – YOU MATTER (smile). Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love.MarshaHUGS

Picture Credit: from Ms. Melba Moore‘s FB page.

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— withMelba Moore.