World AIDS Day – Please Never Stop Caring…


Marsha Moment Message. Like many of You, I have seen and personally felt on My Heart the devastating impact of AIDS. This is a disease that was first identified as a “Gay Thing” and as time progressed it has become an “Us Thing” – as it infiltrated and poisoned those least expected to ever contract it. I would like to Encourage You in this “moment” toGET TESTED and know your own status – PROTECT YOURSELF in whatever manner when you indulge in intimate relations with another person – and, PLEASE Don’t Stop CARING for Our Fellow Brothers and Sisters Who Carry and Are LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS. Instead Let’s ALL Continue to HUG, LOVE, SUPPORT and PRAY For Them. Trust and Believe – NO ONE IS EXEMPT from any number of DISEASES Prevalent in Our World Today – that find their way into the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being of Our Lives – either Directly or Indirectly. AIDS IS NOT A JOKE – So, Let’s Never Ever Treat It Like One. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love..MarshaHUGS

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