Do You Know Where to Go for Help?

Marsha Moment Message. As I was in meditation and prayer this morning, a question came to my mind; “Why Me Lord?” Now, I have refrained from asking this specific question for years because I understand and know that the God I Honor has got Me. However, there are times when that’s the only question that I can ask and want an answer to. Then, like today, I snap out of it and remember that I’m going to go through “stuff” to bring Me CLOSER to HIM. Here is the Memo that some of us might have forgotten about or missed: When It Seems Like No One Is There or Got Your Back – THE POWER YOU HONOR IS Patiently Waiting For YOU to HUMBLE Yourself Enough to ASK FOR HELP!! In this “MOMENT”, I would like to SUGGEST that you take a minute and think about this: When it Seemed Hopeless, the Pain Unbearable, You Felt like You Couldn’t Brethe and that Sinking Feeling Made You Clutch Your Gut and You Felt Like a Knife Had Been Driven Through Your Heart and You Were Going to Die. I Ask You This: Who or What Did You CALL On for HELP?? Hmmmm??? As for Me – I Yelled Out – “GOD HELP ME”!! OooooWeeee – Did I YELL. So, I would like to ENCOURAGE You to PLEASE Never Give Up, No Matter What – No Matter Who. Get in the HUMBLE Position, Ask For HELP and Know that You Will Be RELIEVED!! Come On Now…YOU’VE BEEN PUT TO THE TEST AND SURVIVED…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love. Marsha
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