Mistakes, Lessons, Blessing – Are We Paying Attention?


Marsha Moment Message: Sometimes we really just need to PAY ATTENTION. Why MarshaHUGS Why? Well, check this out. I’m at work, suddenly, I go to stand up and I can’t take a step on my right foot. The PAIN shoots to my head – OoooWeee. I take a car home from the office. I go to an Urgent Care Center the next day. I find out I have an AVULSION FRACTURE in my Right Foot and a SUBTLE NON-DISPLACED HAIRLINE FRACTURE ALONG MY FUBULA – better known as the LONG BONE IN MY LOWER RIGHT LEG. My Response: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? What’s a Girl To Do? I now have to go to an Orthopedist and GET A BOOT to STABILIZE THE LEG SO I CAN HEAL!! A BOOT – REALLY – A BOOT?? VANITY KICKED IN (just being honest) Now, here’s the hit: This same PAIN occurred to me about SIX MONTHS AGO and I DID NOTHING – HAD TO MUCH GOING ON – DID NOT EVEN GET IT CHECKED OUT – JUST KEPT GOING!! So, that was a MISTAKE on My Part and the Problem did not Go Away. So, TODAY – I am Scheduling the Appointment with the Orthopedist and I am going to go and GET MY BOOT AS SOON AS I CAN!! The Moral of My Story: MISTAKES — CAN LEAD TO LESSONS — WHICH ARE CLEVERLY DISGUISED AS BLESSINGS — AND THE KEY IS TO PAY ATTENTION!! MarshaHUGS – Do You Hear Me Now??? YES, TEACHER (GOD of My Understanding) – I DO!! (smile) Come On Now…LET’S ALL TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES AND PLEASE PAY ATTENTION…Let’s Roll. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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