The God You Honor Ain’t No Joke…


Marsha Moment Message: I Want To THANK ALL OF YOU FOR LOVING ME THE WAY YOU DO!! I posted that I was dealing with an unexpected foot and leg injury and after FINALLY TAKING THE TIME to go and find out what was going on – I am on the MEND. Oh, and as for having to wear a “BOOT FOR MY FOOT” – IT IS NOT GOING TO BE NECESSARY…BLESSED!! So, what hasMarshaHUGS Learned? Simply, The God That I Honor Ain’t No Joke and He Will Stop Me In My Tracks to Get My Attention to Ensure that “I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF – LIKE I TAKE CARE OF OTHERS!! Trust and Believe, I am Totally Committed to Moving Forward with My Agenda of ENCOURAGING, INSPIRING AND UPLIFTING on His Behalf – NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!! However, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to Ensure that I SUSTAIN and MAINTAIN My Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being as I STRIVE ON. In this “Moment”, I would like to ENCOURAGE YOU to Do the Same. Why MarshaHUGS Why? Well, Know This for a Fact: I NEED YOU, YOUR LOVE AND YOUR HUGS IN MY LIFE – That’ It and That’s All!! (smile). Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Come On Now…THE GOD YOU HONOR AIN’T NO JOKE – DON’T PLAY WITH THE LIFE HE HAS GIVEN YOU TO LIVE…Let’s Roll. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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